Searching the Scriptures Bible Studies: Revelation—Unveiling the End, Act 3 The Final Curtain, spiral-bound workbook

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Series Description

Pastor Chuck Swindoll’s final segment of a three-part series on Revelation wraps up his deep dive into the last book of the Bible. Revelation—Unveiling the End, Act 3: The Final Curtain reveals Jesus in His full splendour as the King of kings, the first and the last, and the only door to heaven.

Renew your mind with the truth of God’s Word and cling to the joyful, hope-filled ending for those who put their faith in Christ!

Searching the Scriptures Bible Study Workbook

Insight for Living Ministries is excited to launch a new generation of freshly designed Searching the Scriptures Bible studies! These workbooks now offer an overview of Pastor Chuck’s Bible-study method all in a pre-printed spiral-bound workbook.

Insight for Living Canada is thrilled to have this privilege of helping you better understand the timeless Word of God and walk more closely with your Saviour, our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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Searching the Scriptures Bible Studies: Revelation—Act 3