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Releasing Worry and Finding Worth as a Woman, paperback

Insight for Living Ministries

The challenges women face these days seem tougher than ever. Whether you're married or single, older or younger, each week presents its own set of obstacles to climb:

* Monday morning: self-conscious about your appearance all day
* Wednesday afternoon: stressed about a conference with your child's teacher
* Friday evening: feeling guilty about a blowup with a family member
* Sunday night: fending off a tension headache over the workweek ahead

To help you walk victoriously through difficult situations like these, Releasing Worry and Finding Worth as a Woman covers two of the most significant and potentially destructive issues facing women today: the struggle for a healthy self-image and the battle to calm those constant anxieties. With a careful look at Scripture under the guidance of Chuck Swindoll, this Insight for Living LifeMaps book will encourage you to live your life—week in and week out—as the woman God created you to be.

76 pages

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