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Putting Grace into Action, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

We do not live and die only unto ourselves. This is true of humanity but particularly true of Christians. Believers in Christ are interwoven and interrelated, comprising an interdependent system of cells and nerves, muscles and limbs in the same body—the body of Christ. It is not surprising, therefore, that the Bible frequently emphasizes the importance of unity among the Lord’s people. However, no one can deny the presence of diversity in God’s family. We know the value of unity, yet we cannot ignore the reality of diversity. And therein lies “the rub”! Because of the weak believer’s human tendency to judge those who don’t embrace his or her customs and convictions and, on the other hand, because of the strong believer’s decision to discount judgments passed by those who find fault in his or her expressions of freedom, conflict emerges and persists. The solution is to put grace into action.

Romans 14:1–12

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Putting Grace into Action, single message