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Prelude to the Unveiling, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

The English word for the title to this book, Revelation, is translated from the Greek term apokalupsis, from which we get our word apocalypse. In the Bible it means “to unveil, to disclose, to expose in full view what was formerly hidden.”

From that we learn that God's desire is to pull back the curtain and disclose the dramatic events of the future. Rather than keeping us in the dark, He wants to expose what lies ahead so we might know what will occur in the final years of earthly existence and beyond.

First, some preliminary groundwork must be laid; hence, this brief prologue. It gets all readers on the same page. Once the stage is set...the curtain opens and the action begins.

Revelation 1:1-8

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Prelude to the Unveiling, single message