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Parenting: From Surviving to Thriving, digital series

Chuck Swindoll

Diapers and dolls…pimples and puberty…homework and housework…toddlers and teenagers…HELP! How can parents survive?

Author, teacher, parent (and grandparent!), Chuck Swindoll, guides you through the stormy waters of the parenting years by examining practical, proven principles from the Word of God—forged in the crucible of Chuck’s personal experience. You can do more than simply survive as parents—you can thrive!


  • 12 audio messages available on digital mp3
  • If you purchase the digital series no physical product will be sent. You will be able to access your purchased downloads in the downloads section of your Insight for Living Canada Store account

Messages in this Series:

  1. The Best-Kept Secret of Wise Parenting
  2. Understanding How Your Child Was Made
  3. Establishing a Life of Self-Control
  4. Cultivating a Life of Self-Worth
  5. Secret Struggles...Family Troubles
  6. From Resentment to Rebellion
  7. Affirming and Encouraging Words to Parents
  8. Confronting the “Older Brother Attitudes,”
  9. Increasing the Priority of Your Family
  10. Restoring Relationships After You've Blown It
  11. When God's Gift Comes Specially Wrapped
  12. Final Words to Families Then and Now

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Parenting: From Surviving to Thriving, message series