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Marriage: From Surviving to Thriving, paperback

Chuck Swindoll

The world has changed, and it's going to keep changing.

That's no big revelation, but we cling to the fleeting hope that we can return to the gentler, more stable days gone by…especially where our marriages are concerned. But the truth is, we can't, because as the world changes, so do we, and so do our marriages.

Let's face it: marriage and the home have altered drastically through the years. Men afraid to be men. Women ashamed of being women. Children unsure of who's in charge. Blended and not-so-blended families. Homes that have become battlegrounds. And all of it so unstable, it's temporary.

In the face of these depressing facts, beloved pastor and Bible teacher Chuck Swindoll offers a refreshing dose of hope and practical help for marriage. His sage advice, based on the Bible and his own 50-year marriage, shows us how to move our marriages from just surviving to actually thriving. And that target can be hit dead-centre if we rely on God and His Word as our marriage counsellor, our guide, our glue.

206 pages

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