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Living Water for a Thirsty World, paperback

Insight for Living Ministries

We live in a world thirsting for life.

So many people try to quench their spiritual thirst by earthly means: family, career,  friends, entertainment, possessions. People young and old long for freedom from guilt, for meaning in their lives, for hope in the midst of tragedy.

Sadly, believers in Jesus Christ who have drunk from the "living water" of salvation sometimes stumble over how to share their thirst-quenching faith with those who desperately need it. Lacking knowledge, zeal, or both, far too few Christians lead unbelievers to the cool wellspring of God's amazing grace.

In a spiritually parched world, how can we clearly communicate the Good News in a simple and powerful manner? How can we overcome the obstacles that cause us to stammer over the message of eternal life? What can we say when people object to the truth of the Bible?

This book will begin to equip you to share living water with a thirsty world.

82 pages

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