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Life's Greatest Comfort, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

If we take some time to study the fourth chapter of Daniel, which was written by the once arrogant, new believer King Nebuchadnezzar, we will realize that God is absolutely sovereign. He is the One who directs the affairs of our lives, publicly and privately, inwardly, outwardly. He is the One who is moving things toward His goals and purpose. Life isn’t designed to make us happy, fulfilled, or successful; life is designed ultimately to bring Him maximum glory.

Many believers resist the doctrine of God’s sovereignty because of erroneous teaching, which says that if God is absolutely sovereign, then we can be passive. But stepping back and letting God do everything is a twisted response to God’s sovereignty. As a matter of fact, when we really understand this doctrine, we will discover that the sovereignty of God will motivate us to be more involved, energetic, motivated, zealous for the lost, and interested in making every day count for His glory. The truth is because God is at work, He uses people like us to fulfil His plan and purpose, without revealing to us all that that includes. It’s time we all get that straight.

Romans 11:33-36

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Life's Greatest Comfort, single message