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Let's Meet the Mother of Moses, digital message

Chuck Swindoll

We all know Moses, the Law-giver, the leader of the exodus, the one who shepherded the Hebrew people for forty years in that vast wilderness of Sinai; but, have you met his mother? In a forgotten ghetto of Goshen, Jochebed, along with her husband, preserved her son’s life by acting in risky and creative faith. In a great twist of circumstances, Jochebed’s plan landed her son in the top royal home of the nation. Jochebed was invited then to raise Moses during the nurturing years of his life and was able to instill into him a love for God and His people. She then released him to Pharaoh’s court in time to get the best education of the Egyptians, preparing him for the day when he would be the Hebrews’ long-anticipated deliverer.

Exodus 2:1–10

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