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It's Time To Embrace Grace, booklet

Chuck Swindoll

Now more than ever, the world desperately seeks after grace. Unfortunately, however, today's church is characterized more often by legalism than love; comparison than community; and control rather than compassion.

Embracing grace means celebrating others' differences rather than trying to churn out cookie-cutter Christians and paper-doll saints. It involves releasing others from the fetters of legalism and allowing them to fly free. It means accepting others' faults as well as our own. It means honouring others for who they are and “letting them be.”

If you could use a fresh burst of inspiration and encouragement in the “grace” department, you've come to the right place. In this booklet, Chuck Swindoll offers four relational guidelines drawn from Romans 14 that will help you learn to appreciate others' uniqueness and value their vital contribution to the Body of Christ.

35 pages

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