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Insights on Romans: The Christian's Constitution, Volume 1 & 2 CD set

Chuck Swindoll

Have you ever experienced a sense of confusion, isolation, or being unmoored from what’s most important in life?

In this series through Paul’s epistle to the Romans, Chuck Swindoll guides you to the solid foundation you need to withstand the pressures of everyday life. You will study Paul’s clear and logical explanation of how we can ground our lives in relationship with God, how the Lord works in His people through a gradual process of transformation, and how we as God’s people might live out our new lives within a community of people committed to His glory.


  • 44 audio messages available on CD

Messages in this Series:

  1. Romans: Our Doctrinal Constitution
  2. Getting a Grasp of the Gospel
  3. The Good News for the Whole World
  4. The Bad News about the Whole World
  5. Sinnerama in Panorama
  6. Judgment for the Judgmental
  7. The Dark Side of Being Super-Religious
  8. An Autopsy of Depravity
  9. Unwrapping the Gift of Grace
  10. Righteousness Is a Fiver-Letter Word
  11. The Man Who Hoped Against Hope
  12. Triumphant Joy
  13. Guilt vs. Grace
  14. Dying to Live
  15. Whose Slave Are You?
  16. Portrait of a Struggling Christian
  17. From Agony to Ecstasy
  18. Let’s Talk About Our Walk
  19. Cultivating a Spirit-Controlled Life
  20. Glorying and Groaning
  21. Providence Made Practical
  22. We Overwhelmingly Conquer
  23. Three Faces of God
  24. Straight Talk about Predestination
  25. Straight Talk about Responsibility
  26. The Jews: Forgotten or Set Aside?
  27. Unsearchable, Unfathomable, and Unmatched!
  28. A Compelling Commitment
  29. How a Renewed Mind Thinks
  30. Christianity 101
  31. Doing Right When You’ve Been Done Wrong
  32. How to Be a Godly Rebel
  33. Legal Tender and Loving Care
  34. Wake Up and Get Dressed!
  35. Putting Grace into Action
  36. Liberty on a Tightrope
  37. We Are One…or Are We?
  38. Encouraging Words for Affirmation
  39. Preaching and Travelling with Paul
  40. Praying with Your Whole Heart
  41. Love and Kisses
  42. Boars in God’s Vineyard
  43. Putting Down Evil, Lifting Up Friends
  44. To God, Alone, Be the Glory Forever

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Insights on Romans: The Christian's Constitution, Volume 1 and 2