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He Is Born! Christmas concert CD

Stonebriar Community Church Choir and Orchestra

Did you know that the first Christmas carol was sung by angels? “Glory to God in the highest,” the heavenly host sang on the night Christ was born (Luke 2:14 NASB).

Join the angels as you let your heart soar to the tunes you love to hear at Christmas: “Joy to the World!” “The First Nowell,” “O Holy Night!” and many more performed by the Stonebriar Community Church Choir and Orchestra with narration by Chuck Swindoll. Fill your soul with the songs of Christmas as you celebrate the birth of Jesus!

18 tracks

* Christmas Fantasy (instrumental) (5:11)
* Welcome and Prayer (1:59)
* For Unto Us a Child Is Born (4:17)
* Joy to the World! (2:31)
* All Praise to Thee (3:24)
* Introduction to "What Strangers Are These?" (1:58)
* What Strangers Are These? (4:27)
* Behold That Star (3:00)
* Congregational Carol Medley (3:32)
* He Is Born! (2:11)
* The Shepherds' Lamb (3:56)
* I Wonder as I Wander (4:30)
* The First Nowell (4:32)
* “See Amid the Winter's Snow (5:29)
* "Reflections"—Chuck Swindoll (8:02)
* What Child Is This? (instrumental) (3:07)
* O Holy Night! (4:27)
* Postlude—Organ Improvisation on "Joy to the World!" (instrumental) (2:27)

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