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God's Masterwork: Old Testament Set (digital)

Chuck Swindoll

The Bible is a big, intimidating book.

Let’s face it, the Bible isn’t the easiest book to read or understand! This is especially true of the Old Testament. It’s filled with ancient and archaic phrases, places, and people. If you’re one of those who shies away out of fear or lack of interest, here’s encouraging news. In God’s Masterwork, Old Testament Set, Chuck Swindoll removes the barriers to understanding the Old Testament and makes studying these ancient and practical books a joy. After listening to these messages, the Old Testament might even become your favourite part of the Bible!


* 40 audio messages available on digital mp3
* God's Masterwork, Volume One: Beginnings—A Survey of Genesis-Deuteronomy (6 messages)
* God's Masterwork, Volume Two: The Story of God's People—A Survey of Joshua-Esther (11 messages)
* God's Masterwork, Volume Three: Poets, Prophets, and Promises—A Survey of Job-Daniel (11 messages)
* God's Masterwork, Volume Four: An Invitation to Return—A Survey of Hosea-Malachi (12 messages)

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God’s Masterwork: Old Testament