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Fullness of Grace, Christmas concert CD

Stonebriar Community Church Choir and Orchestra

You will be irresistibly moved to worship and wonder as you listen to Fullness of Grace, featuring the incredible choir and orchestra of Stonebriar Community Church, guest soloists David Gaschen and Sophie McGuire, and Chuck Swindoll’s message, “It’s Christmas…So?”

Sing along with the Christ-centred hymns. Reflect on the humble beginnings of our Saviour. And rejoice that the Son of God is also Emmanuel—the greatest gift we could hope for.

We hope you make Fullness of Grace a part of your Christmas holiday tradition.

13 songs

* Orchestral Prelude
* Ring the Bells
* Rejoice and Be Merry
* What Strangers Are These?
* Son of God
* No Eye Had Seen
* Jesus, Joy of the Highest Heaven
* Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella
* Hark the Herald Angels Sing
* Congregational Carol Medley
* I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
* Fullness of Grace
* O Holy Night


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* Lyrics booklet included with CD purchases

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Fullness of Grace, Christmas concert