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Exalting Christ...the Lamb of God: A Study of John 15-21, digital signature series

Chuck Swindoll

As the curtain begins to close on the final drama of Jesus’ remarkable life and ministry, all eyes are on Jesus as He reacts to His illegal trials, mockery, and the shocking lead-up to His crucifixion. And all ears are tuned to the Saviour’s tender voice, as He lovingly prepares His anxious disciples for the tumultuous times to come.

With each message Chuck Swindoll presents in this compelling series, you’ll grow deeper in your love for and devotion to Jesus and be renewed in your commitment to carry His powerful offer of redemption and hope to a lost and hurting world.


  • 16 audio messages available on digital mp3
  • Part three of a three-part study of the Gospel of John
  • If you purchase the digital series no physical product will be sent. You will be able to access your purchased downloads in the downloads section of your Insight for Living Canada Store account.

Messages in this Series:

  1. Abiding
  2. Qualities of a Friend
  3. The Promise of Persecution
  4. Functions of the Holy Spirit
  5. Four Words That Keep Us Going
  6. Divine Intercession
  7. When Jesus Prayed for You
  8. Arrest and Trial
  9. Rush to Judgment
  10. A Crack in the Rock
  11. Death on a Cross
  12. A Miraculous Resurrection
  13. Reactions to the Resurrected Lord
  14. Coming to Term with Your Calling
  15. “…And What about This Man?”
  16. Many Other Signs…Many Other Things

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Exalting Christ…the Lamb of God: A Study of John 15-21, message series