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Delightful Memories Your Children Won't Forget, digital message

Chuck Swindoll

We have been thinking a lot these days about the home, the family, and especially our children. We went back to our roots and thought about how God formed each person in the womb. We discovered that there are both “good bents” and “evil bents” deep within each one of us. This discovery caused us to realize that part of a parent’s duty is to cultivate those God-given interests and capabilities—but not to the exclusion of dealing with disobedience, rebellion, and defiance. What huge responsibilities, especially the task of shaping each child’s strong will with wisdom. But rearing children is so much more than discipline! Previously, we turned our attention to delighting in our children (and grandchildren). That subject was so extensive we weren’t able to wrap our arms around it all in one message, so we’re returning to it now. Since we’ve learned some of the key words in the Bible that pertain to delighting in our offspring, we now need to think about some practical ways we can do that. One thing we can be sure of: our children won’t forget these occasions. Delightful memories last forever.

Psalm 127:3–128:6

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Delightful Memories Your Children Won't Forget, single message