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Courageous Leadership in a Corrupt World, paperback

Insight for Living Ministries

You can lead with integrity and courage.

In a world crammed with corrupt politicians, crooked preachers, and greedy CEOs, it's hard to find a model of godly leadership, isn't it? “How-to” manuals toss us countless tips on getting the job done…but few address the heart of a leader.

Before cynicism sets in or integrity falters, Christians in leadership need to turn their attention away from the world and back on the Word. There we find the right perspective on godly leadership through practical principles and personal examples.

What does a godly leader look like? Where can we turn for strength? How do we walk the straight and narrow in a crooked world where anything goes? This LifeMaps book will provide you with some basic biblical principles for godly leadership as well as guide you through key issues facing Christian leaders—how to handle criticism and how to weather the storms of moral corruption.

Begin your journey to courageous leadership today.

70 pages

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