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And the Walls Came Tumbling Down, digital message

Chuck Swindoll

Some things seem impossible to change. From all outward appearances, these seemingly unchangeable things are set in concrete; they will not budge. We have prayed and tried to dislodge or uproot them, all to no avail. We use force. And when that doesn’t work, we try ingenuity. Nothing helps. The situation remains unchanged…Stubbornly unmoved. Finally, we make an incredibly simple decision: wait. We decide that all our strong effort and clever manipulation and brute force are doing nothing more than leading to the same result: worry and frustration. Then—almost overnight—there is a foundational shift. To our amazement, the “impossible” occurs. To our delight, what we weren’t able to do over a long period of time, takes place right before our very eyes! Such is the scene recorded in Esther 8. Those who sat in darkness suddenly saw a great light…Those who had sighed, “It’s no use,” now shouted, “Everything’s changed!”

Esther 8

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And the Walls Came Tumbling Down, single message