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An Unforgettable Dinner on the Grounds, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

We are in an era of specialists. They come in many different categories—medical specialists, nutrition specialists, fitness specialists, computer specialists, heating-and-air-conditioning specialists, financial specialists, gourmet specialists, audio-systems specialists, interior design specialists, legal specialists, and dozens of other specialists. Numerous and varied though they may be, there is one specialty that is conspicuous by its absence: impossibility. When it comes to those who are able to transform an impossible situation into an accomplished reality, no human being qualifies. God—and God alone—is that specialist! It is, in fact, His preferred method of operation. As we will see, He puts us in situations that are absolutely impossible. Why? So we will learn to trust Him, rather than turn to our normal ways of handling dilemmas with methods like clever ingenuity and constant worry.

Mark 6:30–44

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An Unforgettable Dinner on the Grounds, single message