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An Objective View of the Rat Race, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

We all need an objective view of the rat race we live in! Many of our lives can be summed up in three words: hurry, worry, and bury. Thankfully, Solomon’s ancient journal that God has preserved as the book of Ecclesiastes tells us to come to terms with reality and, with God’s help, enjoy life! This God-inspired book encourages us to squeeze every enjoyment out of life now, while we still have time!

So what words would sum up your life? Don’t let someone else set your pace or establish your objective, or you will be woefully off target. If you feel like you’re on the proverbial treadmill, beginning to resemble a mouse in a maze more than an intelligent human being en route to an admirable and challenging goal, here is a section of Scripture that invites us to pull out of the rat race and take an honest, studied look at life.

Ecclesiastes 9:11-18

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An Objective View of the Rat Race, single message