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Amos: From Fig-Picker to Prophet-Preacher, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

Israel, the northern kingdom, was steeped in religiosity, immorality, compromise, and complacency. The same evils plague much of our world today. As is true today, a strong voice was needed—a determined, disciplined, courageous man of God to proclaim the truth and denounce the sins of Israel. Amos was just the man! Born of humble means, raised to work with his hands, rugged and unflappable, Amos became one of the most colorful personalities among the prophets. God’s severe predictions of judgment had to be delivered by a man who modelled that message. Like Elijah and John the Baptizer, Amos fearlessly stormed the king’s palace. With relentless zeal, he stayed at the task, refusing to be intimidated by insults and threats. Sin always brings judgment. There was no way that Amos was going to let that message be muffled or changed.

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Amos: From Fig-Picker to Prophet-Preacher, single message