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Adolescents in Adult Bodies, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

In the previous message we gave attention to three proofs of growth. We saw all three illustrated in an early church congregation (Acts 4:32-37). Although young in the faith, those Jerusalem believers demonstrated a commendable growth toward maturity. But this condition was not found throughout all congregations. As is true today, there were some who were old enough to be well on their way to maturity, but they preferred to remain immature and irresponsible…adolescents in adult bodies. In this biographical message, we shall take a look at three such people. Remember, each one was old enough to know better, but they deliberately chose to act out attitudes and a lifestyle that reflected an unwillingness to grow up. As we analyze these biblical characters, let's not fail to ask what the disciples once asked Jesus: “Lord, is it I?”

Acts 12:24-25; 13:1-13

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Adolescents in Adult Bodies, single message