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A Patriarch in Panorama, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

Though born in a culture that had long ago replaced the worship of the God of the flood and the ark with the gods of the rivers and stars and wood, the man first known as Abram came to know the one, true God so intimately that he was called God’s “friend” (James 2:23). However, as great as this patriarch grew to become, the chronicle of his life reveals even greater things about his God. Abraham’s life was marked by detours and distractions, challenges and victories, frailty and faithfulness. Through it all, the journal of his journey overflows with wisdom for living a life of faith in a world of faithlessness.

Whenever we study the life of a man of God, we discover truths about the God of that man. Therefore, before we dig into the account of Father Abraham, we would do well to consider what his life reveals to us about God. Perhaps most importantly, Abraham’s life teaches us vital truths about God’s love, His leading, and His blessings.

Genesis 11:27-32; Acts 7:2-4

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A Patriarch in Panorama, single message