The Way of Lament: A Biblical Approach to God in Times of Pain, booklet by Dr. Terry Boyle

“The appropriate, biblical approach to God in times of pain—either pain of our own making or pain from the chaos of a fallen world—is the way of lament.” ~ Dr. Terry Boyle

Sometimes trouble comes seemingly out of nowhere—a bad report from the doctor, a serious accident or an unexpected turn of events that leave us feeling shocked, panicky and powerless. But there are also other times—let’s be honest—when trouble comes upon us because we have behaved badly and not used godly wisdom. These are the times when the theme tune to our lives is “I Did It My Way.”

Drawing wisdom and application from laments found in the Psalms, Dr Terry Boyle helps us to find honest and appropriate ways of expressing our pain to God, and in turn be comforted by the God of grace and love.

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