Watching Those Walls Tumble Down, single message

This message is part 13 of the series Changing Wanderers into Worshippers: From the Exodus to the Promised Land.

Are you facing a big battle? Are you facing a fight where the battle lines are clearly drawn, the objective is unmistakable, but the odds are against you? Perhaps the battle is with a person, or over a complicated situation, or with a habit that seems to always get the upper hand. Whatever the battle is, you know that there's a lot riding on winning this one. The only problem—your opponent is stronger, smarter, and bigger than you are. And that's intimidating, even immobilizing for you. Life is full of overwhelming impossibilities. So how do you stand toe-to-toe with your opponent and do battle? You do it with the only weapon available to us: faith.

Selections from Joshua 6

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