Supernatural Living in a Secular World, DVD series

How can you experience a victorious Christian life in a world that’s anything but Christian?

Today more than ever Christians are called to rise above their natural instincts and live a supernatural life—conquering sin, persevering through suffering, and trusting in God’s providence. This series will put you on the path to winning your battle against deep-seated sin, squaring off against legalistic dos and don’ts, and standing firm amidst opposition.

Experience life-change as you practice the principles Chuck Swindoll gives in this series based on Romans 6–8. You’ll find it’s the perfect remedy for supernatural living in a secular world.


  • 5 messages on 2 DVDs
    1. Dying to Live
    2. Portrait of a Struggling Christian
    3. Let’s Talk about Our Walk
    4. Glorying and Groaning
    5. Providence Made Practical
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