Songs from Wildwood, Volume 2, Paws & Tales music CD

From the creators of Paws & Tales come 10 more fun songs with a fantastic message. Sing along with your friends from Wildwood and enjoy songs that reinforce essential values like honesty, selflessness, and obedience.

10 songs

  1. The Sailing Song (Obedience)
  2. Forgiveness (Forgiving others)
  3. The Crooked Man (God sees the heart)
  4. It Would Be Silly (Honouring authorities)
  5. Do the Right Thing (Doing what is right)
  6. What Kind of Boy (Becoming a disciple of Jesus)
  7. Tell It Like It Is (Honesty)
  8. Go-Cart Go (Co-operation)
  9. Treasures in Heaven (The dangers of greed)
  10. Still Small Voice (Keeping a clean conscience)
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