Same Song, Eleventh Verse...Hope Beyond Snakebite, single message

This message is part 10 of the series Changing Wanderers into Worshippers: From the Exodus to the Promised Land.

Remember when you were a kid—back when you were finishing elementary school and going into junior high school? You may have gone to summer camp and learned some silly song that you thought was great fun to sing over and over but just about sent your parents over the edge. Remember? Most parents have one of two thoughts during those times: If I hear that song one more time…I'm going to go mad. Or, My child will never make it to high school, much less graduate. The ancient Hebrews were like a child who loved to sing a silly song over and over…“same song, a little bit louder, and little bit worse.” And God wasn't amused.

Numbers 21:4–9; John 3:14–16

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