Rehoboam: The Reckless Phoney, single message

This message is part 10 of the series Fascinating Stories of Forgotten Lives.

Movies and TV shows have two different sides: the camera side seen by the viewers, and the other, hidden side seen only by those who go behind the scenes. From the camera side, buildings and landscapes and luxurious living rooms and even campfires at night look absolutely real. But behind the scenes, the whole thing is exposed as nothing more than a thin veneer of plastic, wood, and metal, held together with flimsy, temporary materials and made to look real with the art of lighting and the tricks of the trade. On the surface, everything seems genuine and sturdy. But behind the big front, there’s hardly anything there! It’s all a big, painted, professional show!

This perfectly describes Rehoboam, who lived in the days of the kings. He is a rather obscure character, but one who illustrates the principle that what appears on the surface doesn’t always match what lies under the surface. We can learn many lessons about integrity from his life!

1 Kings 12:1-16

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