Naaman: The Officer Whose Leprosy Was Cleansed, single message

This message is part 12 of the series Fascinating Stories of Forgotten Lives.

Old Testament stories often revolve around its heroes of faith. The men and women who walked with God and trusted Him to get them through a challenging situation are usually at the heart of each interesting plot. In the story we are about to uncover from 2 Kings 5, that is not the case. The prominent person in this particular story was neither a preacher nor a prophet but an officer in the Syrian army. Though not strong in faith, the man was nevertheless greatly respected as a leader of troops and as a military warrior. One day all that was put on hold. None of his trophies seemed important any longer. His heroic war stories faded from conversation, and his presence in full-dress uniform was no longer high profile at parades and banquets. He was unclean . . . He had become a leper. This is a story about a man, who was once proud and self-sufficient, finally humbling himself before the only One who could cleanse his leprosy...and did.

2 Kings 5:1-14

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