Looking Within: Allowing Grace to Flow Freely, single message

This message is part 6 of the series Gaining a Fresh Perspective: Seeing Relationships Through New Eyes.

If you're old enough, you may remember Bonnet and Crossbeak—two grey whales that were cut off from their migratory route by a frozen sea of ice. When the media caught wind of the trapped whales, volunteers flocked to Alaska with heavy machinery and the National Guard got involved. Eventually, these two whales reached freedom.

It's amazing how much effort we will expend to free animals but how slow we are in the family of God to set one another free from our own lists of legalistic expectations. As Christians, we are called to help meet the needs of those inside the family of God. Many believers spend their lives in a cold prison—trapped in the ice of their own legalistic requirements as well as others' expectations. It’s time to release legalism and experience freedom!

Romans 14:1-19

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