Looking Within: Discovering the Essentials of the Church, single message

This message is part 4 of the series Gaining a Fresh Perspective: Seeing Relationships Through New Eyes.

Many people regard church attendance as a “speed bump” on the highway of life. One aspect of the service may touch their hearts for a moment, but the memories of the songs, the message, and the people quickly subside into nothingness as they continue on with their daily routines.

Is church a drudge or a delight for you? If it's not a delight, it may be because we have replaced the purposes of the church with the programs of the church. We've also forgotten that the church began as a mighty volcano, overflowing with God's power and spilling passion into the hearts of people. Let's find out how we can embrace that passion and experience God's power in the church.

Matthew 16:13-18; Acts 2:41-47

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