Looking Within: Coming to Terms with Ourselves, single message

This message is part 5 of the series Gaining a Fresh Perspective: Seeing Relationships Through New Eyes.

The 2001 movie A Beautiful Mind depicts the real-life battle of brilliant mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr. against mental illness. At the peak of his career, Nash began to lose his grip on reality. Severe schizophrenia and delirium sent his life into a destructive downward spiral that jeopardized his career, his marriage, and his reputation. His battle lasted more than 30 years, but finally Nash recovered enough to win the Nobel Prize for his contribution to economic theory.

The Apostle Paul might have sympathized with Nash's struggle. The great apostle sought to rid himself of his evil thoughts and fleshly desires, just as Nash tried to fend off the destructive messages his mind was sending him. Yet Paul continued to struggle, as all Christians do, to live a righteous life while attempting to avoid the pitfalls of sin.

Romans 7:14-25

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