Journey to the Cross: A Personal Reflection on the Cost of Salvation, paperback journal by Insight for Living

Christians of old anticipated Resurrection Sunday by preparing their hearts and minds for 47 days—40 days leading up to Palm Sunday and the seven days of Holy week. We need to rediscover what our ancient brothers and sisters understood. The more we comprehend His sacrifice, the more we appreciate the significance of His resurrection.

This season of preparation offers an ideal opportunity to combat spiritual laziness by quieting our hearts and thanking God for the sacrifice He made by sending His Son to earth to die for our sins. This book provides you with 47 brief but meaningful devotions to reflect on Easter—the single most significant day of celebration for Christians.

If one of your resolutions this year is to be drawn into a deeper, more intimate relationship with Christ by knowing Him better through the fellowship of His sufferings, then this is the right tool. Allow Journey to the Cross to guide you day by day as it deepens your walk with Him step by step.

102 pages

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