Journal of a Desperate Journey, single message

This message is part 1 of the series Living on the Ragged Edge: Coming to Terms with Reality.

Just the mention of the name Solomon creates vivid mental images: a man of great wisdom; a person of power, immense wealth, and remarkable creativity. His empire became a synonym for unparalleled greatness and a standard of quality none other could reach.

Yet Solomon went through a maddening period in his adult life when everything lost its lustre and the very roots of his life were loosened. The man kept a journal of that dark and desperate journey as he sneered into the face of God. With clenched fists and cynical words, Solomon called into question the most basic issues of existence. That journal has been preserved for all to read. It is not only the story of one man's experience but of all who attempt to live their lives apart from God.

Survey of Ecclesiastes

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