John: That You May Believe, single message

This message is part 5 of the series God's Masterwork, Volume Five: God With Us—A Survey of Matthew-Acts.

A question frequently asked by new Christians is, “Which book of the Bible should I study first?” Bible-translating teams often ask a similar question: “Which book should we translate first?” Believers occasionally wonder, “Which section of Scripture would be good for my non-Christian friends to read?” All three questions are usually answered the same way: the gospel of John.

The fourth gospel is considered a primer on the essential basics of Christianity. In the book of John, Christ is clearly and preeminently exalted as deity. In simple (yet profound) terms, Jesus is set forth so that all may believe that He is indeed the Son of God. Hopefully, this lesson, which provides a bird’s-eye view of the 21 chapters in John, will help all of us realize that eternal life begins with Christ.

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