Jesus: Fact & Fiction

Jesus: Fact & Fiction, pamphlet

The character of Jesus Christ looms large in the history of the world. This one man has influenced more people and cultures than anyone else. But the “new critics” and popular culture have distorted truths about the greatest man in history. In Jesus: Fact and Fiction, author Robert M. Bowman busts current myths and answers popular questions about Jesus such as:

  • Was Jesus a mythical figure?
  • Are the Gnostic gospels better sources for Jesus than the New Testament Gospels?
  • Where was Jesus during his “lost years”?
  • Did the “Jesus family tomb” belong to Jesus Christ?
  • Is Jesus just one of the world’s many religious founders?
  • Did the early church twist the Old Testament to support its claim that Jesus was the Messiah?

And other questions.

Unfolds to 8.5 inches by 38 inches long

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