Jabez: The Unknown Who Became Well Known, single message

This message is part 11 of the series Fascinating Stories of Forgotten Lives.

The old, familiar proverb, “The best things come in the smallest packages” is often true, not only in life but also in Scripture. Tiny, one-line verses or simple, uncomplicated truths are frequently the most profound. The story we are considering in this study is a classic case in point. Like a falling meteor in the night sky, the main character of the story, Jabez, is ablaze for only a few moments, but the memory of his life leaves us with a marked impact. Jabez emerges in the midst of epitaphs on tombstones as the Spirit of God is pleased to hover over his life a bit longer than any other mentioned in this context. Because God singles out Jabez, we are wise to pause and learn the truth of the story. By doing so, many who feel their lives are marked by obscurity and insignificance can gain fresh courage to excel.

1 Chronicles 4:9-10

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