Insight's Bible Reading Guides: Old and New Testament, set of two paperbacks by Insight for Living

Have you ever taken a picture of a beautiful landscape only to discover that your photo turned out blurry? And have you ever read a passage in Scripture and walked away with a fuzzy understanding of how it fits into God’s eternal plan? If so, then you need these Bible reading guides!

If you commit to reading the entire Bible in two years, you will begin to see it as one landscape—a panoramic vista of God’s involvement in history—from Genesis to Revelation.

Both books in the Insight's Bible Reading Guide set include

  • A five-day guided Scripture-reading system
  • Insightful weekly devotionals and quotes from Chuck Swindoll
  • Real examples of biblical wisdom that you can apply each day
  • Regular reminders that Jesus Christ will return and make all things right

Set includes Insight’s Bible Reading Guide: Old Testament and Insight’s Bible Reading Guide: New Testament.

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