Insight's Bible Application Guide: Genesis-Deuteronomy—A Life Lesson from Every Chapter, paperback by Insight for Living

Have you ever said “Huh?!” in exasperation or exhaustion after reading or studying your Bible, wondering: What does any of this have to do with my life? It’s OK to admit it—the Bible can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to applying ancient truth to modern life. And could anything be more ancient than the first five books of the Bible? If you’ve strained your brain trying to understand the big ideas in the Old Testament or simply wondered how to apply those principles, this book is for you.

As the first in a series of volumes on the Old and New Testaments, Insight’s Bible Application Guide: Genesis–Deuteronomy—A Life Lesson from Every Chapter uncovers a timeless truth in each chapter of the first five books of the Bible and reveals how to live it out. You’ll be inspired and encouraged to discover just how relevant God’s Word is to your life today.

156 pages

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