How to Live in Troubled Times, single message

This message is part 10 of the series Insights on 2 Peter: Conquering Through Conflict.

In contrast to the popular opinion of uninformed individuals, Christianity is not a religion of easy-livin’, soft music, downhill slides, and tranquil times. Whoever thinks the Bible is irrelevant and laid back shows gross ignorance of what Scripture really teaches. One is hard-pressed to find godly people mentioned in the Bible who were out of touch with and indifferent to the world around them. Almost without exception, the people of God in the sacred texts were highly motivated, courageous, tough-minded soldiers of the cross, slugging it out in the trenches of real-world situations. Because tranquil times represent the exception rather than the rule, God’s Word focuses most on troubled times...telling us how to face them, not escape them. Peter’s final words provide us with a case in point. Right down to the last, he pulls no punches as he puts the truth before us in unmistakable terms. Take it or leave it—believe the truth or not; those are the only options. If it’s a lazy snooze in the sunshine you’re looking for, better stay away from God’s Book. Easy ain’t there!

2 Peter 3:14–18

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