Hope Beyond Unfairness: Pressing On Even Though Ripped Off, single message

This message is part 6 of the series Insights on 1 Peter: Hope Again.

Few dilemmas are more difficult to cope with than being done wrong after having done right. Our natural tendency is to resent such treatment, retaliate, and then hold a grudge. Strange as it may seem, God offers rare and wise counsel: Instead of getting even...submit.

In this section of Peter's letter, believers are exhorted to follow in the footsteps of their Lord. What an unusual reaction! In a day when most will sue or slug it out, submitting seems out of the question. Nevertheless, God's ways are always best. His instruction may not come naturally or easily, but it is effective. Nothing is more disarming to our enemies. As Christ modelled so beautifully, submission to the Father leads to remarkable results.

1 Peter 2:13-25

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