Hope Beyond Suffering: How We Can Smile Through Suffering, single message

This message is part 2 of the series Insights on 1 Peter: Hope Again.

Life has its mysteries. Few if any are able to explain most of them. One great mystery has to do with suffering. Why is there so much of it? Who can make sense of it, especially the suffering of the godly, while so many of the ungodly seem to live out their years virtually free of struggle?

God's Word does not dodge the subject. On numerous occasions the issue of suffering resurfaces in Scripture. The first letter Peter wrote, in fact, addresses various aspects of this knotty problem that not even those who walk closely with their Lord can escape.

Like the patriarch Job, believers have been led through this dark and mysterious valley, often without understanding why. As we get underway in our study of Peter's letter, we want to gain a perspective that is rare among sufferers: joy in the midst of pain.

1 Peter 1:1-12

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