Hope Beyond Religion: A Job Description for Shepherds, single message

This message is part 14 of the series Insights on 1 Peter: Hope Again.

Most folks in the business world are well-acquainted with the importance of a job description. It spells out in precise detail what is expected of everyone in the company. Without these written lists of expectations and objectives, ambiguity and frustration abound.

In ministry, little is said (and even less is written) regarding a minister's specific responsibilities. Even though this is true, most people being ministered to have numerous expectations. This is the “perfect setup” for conflicts, which may explain why so many ministries are notorious for their conflicts and struggles.

How helpful it is to find in Scripture some specific guidelines on which to form our expectations. These verses assist us in our desire to be fair, realistic, and objective with those who serve in vocational Christian service.

1 Peter 5:1-4

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