Grace and Truth Worth Remembering, single message

This message is part 16 of the series Changing Wanderers into Worshippers: From the Exodus to the Promised Land.

Joshua's journey had come to an end. As an old warrior, he poured out his soul to his people. If you read the words carefully, you can almost hear a sigh in his voice. He was deeply concerned about the nation's future. He was troubled by the growing complacency he saw, the people's willingness to compromise their convictions and co-exist with the Canaanites. He was all too familiar with the people's tendency to let down their moral guard, to lose their distinctiveness, to worship the Canaanite gods, as well as to intermarry with the pagans in the land. And so, Joshua delivered his final message, spoken with warning as though from a prophet.

Joshua 24:1–28

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