Get Your Act Together, single message

This message is part 5 of the series The Way of Truth in a World of Fiction: Beyond the Da Vinci Code.

A battle is raging. It has been going on for years with monotonous regularity and increasing intensity. It's the battle with apostasy. No book of the Bible concentrates more attention on this battle than the little letter Jude wrote.

His theme is “contend earnestly for the faith” (v. 3) because “certain persons have crept in unnoticed” (v. 4) who twist the teaching of grace and resist the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. After describing our defence—the reasons for standing against such apostates (v. 5-16)—Jude takes the offensive and exhorts his readers to maintain, to stay on target, to “get your act together!”

Jude 17-25

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