Following Paul: A Pictorial Journey through a Remarkable Ministry, softcover devotional by Insight for Living

The Apostle Paul. A colossal figure who strode boldly onto the stage of the first-century world and left an indelible imprint of greatness—never to be forgotten. A man once known as Saul of Tarsus, a violent tormentor and murderer whom God stopped in his tracks and completely transformed.

No one has understood or explained grace better.

God’s super-abounding grace turned Paul into a humble-but-powerful spokesman for Christ. Following Paul: A Pictorial Journey through a Remarkable Ministry puts you in the centre of the great apostle’s transformation and ministry. This beautiful, full-colour coffee table book will allow you to:

  • Walk in Paul’s footsteps through dozens of authentic photographs
  • Gain insights from Chuck Swindoll’s personal words about Paul
  • Better understand God’s gracious work in your life

Journey with Paul—from Tarsus to Jerusalem, from the Damascus road to Rome—and discover that if God could turn Saul of Tarsus into the world’s greatest preacher of grace, He can change your life too.

68 pages

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