Flying Closer to the Flame: A Passion for the Holy Spirit, study guide

Let's face it—many of us do not understand the Holy Spirit. We feel awkward relating to Him. We don't know what to say or feel or how to act. The bizarre behaviour He often gets credited for makes us nervous, so we treat Him like an uninvited guest in the Trinity. We keep Him at arm's length with stiff, dry doctrines. We warily back away instead of warmly drawing near. Like the proverbial moth and flame, we're not sure how close we can fly without burning our wings. We are fascinated by the light but also frightened by the heat.

If this describes you, let us help you fly past some of your fears into closer intimacy with Him. Is it risky? Perhaps. But you'll never know the joy of His light or the warmth of His heat unless you dare to draw near, dare to fly closer to the Flame.

123 pages

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