Famous Last Words, paperback by Insight for Living

Last words are often significant words. They give perspective to life and reveal what’s truly important. With their last few breaths, those whose time on earth has come to an end may share what their lifetime has taught them. Some words are inspiring. Some are tragic. All are valuable. If you would like to gain a fresh, biblical perspective to carry you through life, then this resource is for you! Delve into the last words of both familiar and unfamiliar people in the Bible with Famous Last Words. This devotional includes:

  • A discussion of the last words of 22 selected characters from the Old and New Testaments
  • An opportunity to learn from the successes and failures of people just like you
  • Encouraging application points for your life today

It’s time to discover the famous last words of Athaliah, Agag, Samson, Simeon, Joseph, Jesus, and others! Their dying words will inspire you to truly live.

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102 pages

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