Family Matters: Investing in the Things That Last, DVD series

Family…the source of your highest joys and deepest disappointments. More tears are shed over family matters than any other. But the longest laughs and broadest smiles are also the result of family matters. Such is the irony of family—that the most important people in life are the greatest cause of irritations and frustrations…love and happiness.

What are you to do with people who bring such sorrow and joy? You invest in them. In this unique DVD series, Family Matters: Investing in the Things That Last, Chuck Swindoll delivers five powerful messages that will challenge you to invest heavily into your family's stock. If you do, the dividends will last a lifetime and just might be eternal.


  • 5 messages on 5 DVDs
    1. Looking Back on Things That Matter
    2. Untying the Knots in Your Family's Air Hose
    3. Surviving Those Challenging Years
    4. Getting Past the Guilt of Your Past
    5. Looking Ahead to Things That Last
  • Spanish-language track included
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